Heart-Fix Hotel Pak

$ 236.50

Do You know Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure are major killers in society, especially in the USA. The Heart-Fix Hotel Pak is designed to promote and support heart and brain function by increase healthy blood flow to the heart and brain.
You can start the restoration and prevention of Heart Disease simply by adding more water to your diet, walking 30 minutes a day, and eliminating ALL fried foods, according to medical doctors. Pretty easy right?
To speed the game up, add the Heart-Fix Hotel Pak, and you could be well on your way to recovery or prevention, promoting and supporting a healthy heart.

Now with a healthy physical heart, you may be able to have a more healthy spiritual one too!
This package includes the Healthy Start (BTT, OsteoFx, EFA Plus), Dr. Wallach's patented Selenium, 180 Soft Gel EFAs, and 120 capsules of the D-Stress formula. Put your heart back in a good place!
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