The Young Bones and Joint Pak

$ 198.75

If you've ever wonder why you can't move around like you use to, it is not just because you're getting older and the aging process is doing its thing. The real cause is because of lack of nutrients and the bodies slower rate of absorption. Arthritis is a devastating degenerative disease of the joints.

Animals are part of the problem. What many people don't know is that the more meat you eat, the more calcium supplementation you'll need. To treat arthritis, one should include calcium up to 2000 mg/day, and that number should increase if you eat meat two to three times per day.

The Young Bones and Joint Pak will be very helpful to anyone in revitalizing the body, especially the bones and joints. Just don’t think you can return to the NBA after the first 30 days!

This package includes the Healthy Start (BTT, Osteo-Fx, EFA Plus), 240 capsules of the Ultimate Gluco-Gels (clean glucosamine), and the Ultimate CM Cream to help with joint pain! Get this package today!